Why Participate?

CWS has worked with newly-arriving Afghans for decades. But today we are facing an unprecedented number of new arrivals. Hundreds of people have already begun to arrive after being evacuated, and our experts are anticipating that at least 50,000 Afghans will arrive in the coming weeks. That’s more than the number of refugees from all over the world that the United States has welcomed in the last two years combined.

As Afghans arrive, we will be one of the key organizations helping them settle into new lives. CWS staff have been deployed to designated military bases to assist with immediate processing of arrivals. Our nationwide network is preparing to support these families with housing, legal assistance, case management, mental health support, medical care, school enrollment and community sponsorship.

We cannot do this alone. We need funds, volunteers and community support.

Your Fundraising Will Make a Direct Impact

Every $1,000 raised is enough to provide one month's rent. That means safe and equitable housing for Afghans.

Beyond shelter, your fundraising efforts provide:

  • Healing - Being displaced has a severe impact on mental health and wellness. Having the safety and security of a place to call home allows for the healing process to begin.
  • Opportunity - The stability of a home allows families to rebuild their lives. Parents can enroll their children in school, gain long-term employment, and build relationships with neighbors which begins building a network of support here in the U.S.
  • Integration - Having neighbors and being part of a community creates a sense of belonging. Research shows that welcoming communities create better integration for newcomers as they build social capital.

A home is a shelter, a sanctuary and a gathering place to share with loved ones. A physical building that is much more than it’s four walls, it’s an anchor and a resting place. As a supporter of refugees and immigrants, through CWS, you can ensure our Afghan friends and allies have a welcoming place to call home when they arrive in the coming weeks.

Fundraise your way to help refugees: pledge a special day like your birthday, or create your own challenge event like hiking a difficult trail. Whatever you do, you can inspire your friends and family to show compassion and donate to the effort. The funds you raise will provide immediate support to the people who need it the most.